Toys of Hope

This project shows all the work I've done so far in my Agency class. We've been working for this non-profit company, Toys for Hope. These are the ads I create from within my team that have been successful.

This ad won the competition among all my classmates and was chosen by the client, Toys of Hope, to be print in the Huntingtonian News Paper. The task was to create and interesting ad that visually interesting. 
My class was asked to update an old Holiday flier for Toys for Hope. This is my rendition of the flier. I created the layout this way to have it colorful and feeling of the holiday feeling because of the colors and content and the text in the middle so it has all the focus by being in a white knockout box.
This is another version of the holiday ad. I did it this way incase there are some people that don't celebrate Christmas and feel the theme is too similar to that. This design is more neutral and still feels holiday enough.
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