BONDFIRE Camping for Families

BONDFIRE is a campground designed to solve the problem of dimishing family togetherness. Through this project, design was used to create various things. A logo was created that symbolizes the unity of a family around a tent and the fire of the bond is in the middle. Logotype was also create to function clearly on a campground and be used throughout as consistent branding for various typographic treatments. A fully designed membership envelope was prepare for new campground members including: welcome, map, activity guide, packing/rental lists, and bus schedule. Families would also recieve a fully branded experience for their families. They would be branded through T-shirts, hats, and mugs. This would allow families to feel more together whether they were camping or not. Post cards were created to advertise the exhibition event that culminated the research and development done throughout the semester on the project. A fully emersive exhibition space was design and built to showcase the design and business strategy of BONDFIRE Campgrounds. With real logs and branches to add character and a very natural feel as well as a full scale model campground and facilities. Aside from the experience being well designed, the business end was addressed as well. Surveys and research was done to find out the true need for a service like this as well as the pricing structure to follow based on pricing of other campgrounds.

The logo was design with the family in mind. The tent used to represent camping is framed within
a simplified vector family holding hands. With the tent shows the fire of their bond.
This is the postcard that was used to mail to guest for the exhibition. The design is meant to represent
the glow of the fire at night while camping. The high contrast is carried through to the typogrpahy.
Families will receive this envelope upon joining BONDFIRE.
These are inserts that go into the envelope. The inserts contain a welcome,
campground map, packing checklist, rental checklist, activity schedule, and bus schedule.
Architectural drawings were made for the campground itself as well as its buildings.
This shot was photo directed by myself and a great photo team.
In an exclusive on campus gallery this is exhibition space that was created to showcase
all the design and physical assets of the campground as well as its pricing.
Scale models were created of the entire campground, a single, campsite, and the rental storage building.
A close up shot of the campsite scale model.
Logs were used to display the membership envelope, postcard, and business card.
Space were carved out of the log to place all materials into the logs.
Here are the three logs with all the branded material. A model bus to show how campers will be transported. Branded family mugs are placed within the log beneath the bus. To left are family branded hats. On the right are the printed materials.
Family branded t-shirts are hung on a clothes line like campers would hang clothes while camping.
My wife and I sporting the family t-shirts with the exhibition space.
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